Which undercoating do you prefer?

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    I am going to redo the undercoating on my car (a ’57 Dodge) and I am wondering what is best to go with?
    It seems that truck bedliner being used as undercoating is all the rage, but is it really better in this capacity than the rubberized undercoating that is designed to be used as undercoating?

    Just to complicate the issue, my car still has much of it’s original asphaltic undercoating, most of which does not come off easily. I’ve already removed any of it that was falling off or partially dissolved by motor oil, etc. The rest is just going to have to stay there (it’s been there 54 years and doesn’t want to be evicted!) So I need to recoat the areas where it has been removed or where I have patched in some new metal.
    I’d like to go over the entire bottom to make it look ‘fresh’ and maybe a little more consistent, so ideally, whatever I use can be sprayed over any existing asphaltic undercoating that still remains.

    Any of your advise would be appreciated 😉

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