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    I have maybe a total of 6 square inches of missing/rot outer skin/panel; right on the outer edge bottom of wheel well the inside still pretty solid with rust on the inside of the right rear outside fender wheel well along the bottom edge here and there of my ‘61falcon. Looks like there may have been a fender skirt at one time(?) hence the problem!?!?!

    I have ground away the paint and exterior rust and it looks as if a little bondo was used before with no other treatment other than paint. These are the eastwood products I’m thinking of using to address the problem; any and all advice most welcome???
    Used in this order???
    EW Rust Converter New formula Aerosol Item #51483 Z
    Rust Encapsulator Black aerosol Item #16060 Z
    USC All Metal Quart Item #50751 ZP
    Feather-Rite Quart Item #50755 ZP
    Plus Ford Cardinal Red, which someone else makes and is sold in auto parts stores in rattle cans.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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