Which product to use on new subframe connectors? RE, chassis black or primer/paint?

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    I’m getting subframe connectors installed (welded) on my car. The area of welding will be grinded clean, both on the connectors (to remove the powdercoating) and on the frame. This will leave numerous patches of bare metal, which should be rust free, due to the grinding, and moisture free, due to the welding. I’d like to cover these up to avoid any rust, but I’m unsure as to which product to use. I’ve narrowed it down to 3 posibilities. I think.

    Self-etching primer, followed by some type of paint.
    Rust encapsulator.
    Chassis Black

    Of course, in all 3 cases, the metal would be properly prepped.

    From reading the Eastwood web site, I’d guess that either of these would do the job, but I’d like to know which would be best. Or is there another, better, solution that I’m missing?

    And I’d prefer to use aerosol, not being fond of paintbrushes and not having an air compressor. Yet.

    Thank you!

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