Which of your many rust products?

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    Eighteen years in salty NW Florida has rusted my 1988 Chevy Suburban. It runs great and I hate the style and price of the newer models, so I need to repair it. Yet, I cannot find a body shop that will work on rust spots. The spots are getting worse, and I even have a leak through the firewall when it rains heavy. So, I must prepare to do the work myself. Everything I’ve read has lead me to your products. Yet there are so many that I’m confused. So far, I’ve found the following products mentioned in forum discussions:

    Eastwood Rust Dissolver
    Eastwood Rust Converter
    Eastwood Rust Encapsulator
    Oxisolv Rust Remover
    Eastwood Metal Wash
    Eastwood Weldable Primer
    Eastwood Galvanizing Compound

    So, what is the specific purpose of each? Which ones work the best, the easiest, the most economically? What preparation is needed for each? Which ones are used successively?

    Also, can I remove and treat the rust, then have a welding shop cover the holes and feel protected against rust, or do I need to tackle the welding myself?

    And do all holes need welding, or can small ones be filled with something?

    You can tell that I’m a novice at bodywork, but as the local shops won’t tackle the job, I must learn. Thanks for any information!

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