Which Eastwood Undercoat/Bedliner product should I use?

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    I am doing a complete off the frame rebuild of a 1960 CJ3B Jeep. I purchased an aftermarket body and I am trying to understand my undercoating/bedliner options. I want to use some kind of bedliner on the interior of the Jeep body tub and undercoat the bottom (not fenders or hood). I want to get something as durable as Line-x if possible. I plan to use a spray gun to apply it. I see that Eastwood has several options – Gator Guard – SEM Tintable – Shake and Shoot, etc.

    What would be my best option for coating the Jeep interior and the underside? Since this is a new jeep body, what prep work/ primer is suggested? It has a primer on it and is rust free. My inclination is to choose the Gator Guard product for both interior and exterior but I would like to hear your opinions. I looked into getting this done via Line-x but that had a $1200 price tag which is why I am looking into other options. Thanks in advance for your time and for any info you can provide me on this.

    Patrick W.

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