Which color Primers?

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    barry light

    Since I will be top coating with Single Stage urethane in Wimbledon White, what color primers to use? I have stripped 67 mustang of everything and removed all paint to bare metal. Since the car will be a track day car and not a show car my plan is to use use EW White epoxy primer on everything ( underside, engine compartment , inside, and outside). I will then paint everything on top of the white epoxy with White top coat, except the outside. I want to apply a primer/surfacer to the epoxy primer on outside, just so I can get the panels to look decent. I am looking at using EW 2K Urethane primer / surfacer or maybe the Concourse Polyester primer/surfacer. What color should I use ? I want to use lightest color. The urethane comes in black, grey, and tan. I have heard the grey is pretty dark. Is the tan a light color? I am kinda leaning to the urethane. Does the polyester come in a white or real light color? Any comments on my choices of primers and primer colors would be most appreciated from those with experience.’

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