where to start with body work >??

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    aloha and ty for this great forum i found..i a 69 mercury cougar that i picked up for $800 a few month ago..it has 30,000 org miles with a 351w ,auto..the interier is like new ..i rebuilt the front end and added front power disk breaks and rebuilt the top end of engine..now it runs straight and stops on a dime..the body is ugly..i found a new hood cause the original has rust holes through it on the frontb lip as does the trunk lid and im looking for a replacement for it also..the rear cowel has a rust hole through it about base ball size..there are a few other small rust holes in the door jams and body..im not experienced with body work at all but cant afford to get this done proffesionally so i would like to give it a try myself..my friend has a weilder and rod i can use at his house..im not sure where to start though..im not sure if i need to strip the whole car first and if i do how ect..if you could point me in the right direction i could start ..ty
    if u need pics or think they will help please let me know or any more info the the car..heres 1 pis enclosed while replacing the drums to disks,..ty

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