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    Hello all,
    My name is Tim I live in Utah and I would like to start restoring a car this up coming year. however i do not know where to start. i would like to restore a 69 Shelby gt500 one day but that is a bit out of my range for now. so i was thinking i would start with something a little cheaper… ok a lot cheaper taking into account purchase price and then cost to restore. looking at about 10grand over 3 years with around 2-3k to get started on. and that is flexible. so the question is with thous numbers in mind what car should i set my sights on?

    to be clear i am not looking to make any money on it so that is not the issue i would like it to be mid 60’s to early 70’s muscle car. it need not be super fancy again this car is just to get my feet wet in restoring cars it is something id like to do for a long time. although my mind is set on 60=70’s muscle car i am open to ideas such as imports bikes and bugs.

    since this first car is about convenience and not so much what i want ” i will need to like the car since there is a good chance ill keep it”

    sorry for being so long i just wanted to give some info into what im looking for.

    so with your recommendation could you put typical purchase price if you know it and about what the restoration will cost as well.

    to cover my skills i am a very good mechanic but such at body work so if that needs to be done ill have to have someone else do it.

    thank so much for you help.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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