Where to buy "Black Beauty"/Coal Slag?

Posted: September 19, 2005 By: Spindle

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    My buddy and I are trying to set up a little powder coating service. We bought a blasting cabinet that can hold 40lbs of media. Where can I find “Black Beauty”/Coal Slag for a good price?

    This is the safest material to blast with correct? and it will take care of rust as well as paint stripping?

    Also the cabinet requires 5 HP compressor with minimum 12 CFM at 40 – 80 PSI. I have a compressor but it is not that big. Can someone explain to me if my smaller compressor will work? I think it will work, it will just take a little longer? Maybe I should get a smaller CFM nozzle?

    I know CFM = cubic feet per minute and PSI is lbs/sq inch but not sure exactly how it works together.

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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