When to Apply Seam Sealer?

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    I probably should have posted here in the first place, sorry for the re-post…
    Here’s the project;
    Unibody, with new pan welded in drivers side, a few patches in pass. side.
    The entire floor and sub-frame mechanically stripped to bare metal.

    My plan was “rust encapsulator” along the sub-frame to floor pan joints to take care of gaps I can’t mechanically strip. [the sub-frame is spot welded to the floor].

    Do I apply seam sealer to the joints then?,[to the bare metal and rust encapsulator], or after applying epoxy primer to the entire floor?

    My plan after the epoxy primer and seam sealer was “Lizard Skin” heat coat on the bottom of the pan, then body color paint.

    As the inside is also stripped bare, I was going to apply the “Lizard Skin” sound proofing inside, after epoxy primer and seam sealer.

    What do you think?

    rob jones

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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