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    I am new to doing bodywork and repairs, but I always wanted to learn. This is my first post.
    My first project is my 1992 Nissan Maxima GXE. I bought this car new and it has served me well up until the present time. After I “reclaimed” it from my son, who used it for the last 4 years as college transportation, I decided to start doing some badly needed mechanical work. I am in the process of overhauling rear brakes and suspension. I noticed that in both rear wheel wells, near the top, in almost the same spot, that rust has corroded about a 3″ X 6″ hole that needs patching. I have already removed all of the loose rust to get to these sized holes. My inclination, since this is not exposed and cosmetics are not important, to patch with either aluminum or some sheet metal with either stainless steel screws and / or rivets. I also have some Eastwood Internal Frame Coating which I thought I would apply internally. The wells were undercoated by the dealership. I would like any recommendations on procedure from this point. Should I re-undercoat the patch? Is there a better approach or method or materials?

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