Wheel Well repair on a 1996 Ford Bronco

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    I’ve watch many of your feeds here on Eastwood and when you were on Trucks. I have a dilemma, that I’m not sure which way to jump.
    The upper lip of the fender wells on both side of my 96 Bronco are rusting out. Now I know this is very common in the Bronco and F-150 of that year. My question, entails a few parts.
    1. With many of the local body shops just not into doing rust repair, or the estimates are too high to get it done, what would you recommend?
    2. I can do the basic hammer and dolly work needed on some of the other minor body work, welding is where I fall down on things. I have a general knowledge of how MIG works but have never tried it. I also know the great folk at LMC trucks have both the inner and outer patch panels, which makes this a little easier. Is this type of repair even feasible for a DIYer to accomplish, if he has the right tools, and help?

    I’m a pretty quick study and have amassed several great videos and some other articles on doing this kind of repair. Again, should this be done with a little more skill, or is this a pretty fair DIYer project? I’m open to any and all suggestions.


    The Roguemedic!

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