Wheel weight corrosion

Posted: August 14, 2006 By: Atwatead

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    I have a 97 F150 with the offroad package that gives it the 17in. aluminum rims. Since I live in western NY and they use salt in the winters, the rims have corroded under the wheel weights. I removed them and tried cleaning up the rims. I stripped all the clear coat and painted the recessed areas the color of the truck. I then clear coated the rims with Dupli-color’s high performance wheel coating. I didn’t prime the recessed areas before I painted them which could be why a year later there are a few chips in it. But also the bare aluminum areas I clear coated look like they are started to corrode a little under the clear coat. I cleaned them with soap and water before I coated them. I guess my question is what to clean the rims with because they are not a polished finish? They are machined and you can see the grooves. Would they polish out and look decent? Any suggestions would be appreciated as I am getting new tires in a few weeks and would like to redo these rims while I swap tires. I will not be using wheel weights again as I have started using balancing beads from a company called Innovativebalancing.com out of Rochester, NY. Thanks.

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