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    Old Rover

    I am about to refurbish a couple of sets of alloy wheels for our Range Rovers and am looking for pros and cons of various methods since I am stuck weighing my options. I am dealing with much crud and brake dust with minor defects on a few rims (no cracks or structural issues, just cosmetic). It appears that these rims come from the factory with a silver paint and clear coat. My goal is to finish with a ‘new’ appearance, but not necessarily match factory.
    For cleaning I plan on light blasting and then soap/cleaner with a non-scuffing pad. There are a few curb scuffs that require a little grinding.
    Once prepped I can go in either of two directions: repaint basically same as factory (silver and clear coat) or finish polish the alloy.
    I am not sure what the best balance of time and money will produce a really good result.
    Could you provide comments, suggestions, tips, and gotchas including technique and products to help my decision process? Also, if I go the route of polished rims, could you provide input regarding a ‘raw’ polished rim versus finishing with a clear coat?
    Thanks in advance.

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