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    Hello PC Pros… Need a little guidance, please.

    I’m struggling with wheel/part prep. Though I’ve got chemicals from BCI (iron phos. and a sealer) for pre-treatment, I’m struggling with stripping wheels to bare metal for powder. I’m finding that practically all of the wheels that I’m getting are previously painted and require paint stripping. My questions are these:

    Are you guys stripping paint yourselves, or are you farming out that job? If you are in deed farming out that responsibility, where are you taking that work?

    I have only a media blast cabinet – No industrial level stripping/blasting equip. If you are doing the stripping yourself, what media are you using? I’m finding that AA glass bead (a medium sized media) works well for small parts but does very little for stripping paint off of wheels. I bought Black beauty yesterday for my pot-blaster. The place I bought my media from says that BB is too abrasive for alum., but the wheel wizard here in town uses ONLY BB for stripping ALL wheels?!?!

    Also, I’m finding that stripping paint is very time consuming. With the going rate of around $125 per wheel (in my area), do you all charge the customer additional fees for this stripping/prep work? I’ve gotta believe that you must?!?! After talking to WW yesterday, they said that paint stripping is part of the deal – that was a bit of a shocker to me considering the time it takes… Not very cost effictive, I think.

    Finally, if someone could give me a bullet list of the wheel prep process, I would appreciate it. I want to devise a routine so I can rock on with the prep and not waste much time. (IE – degrease, strip, clean, blast, blow-off part, paint… OR something entirely different).

    Please forgive the lengthy mail, but obviously I’m struggling with this and not finding it easy to devise the answers myself. I really want to run a professional level shop, but need some guidance to get into a routine VERY QUICKLY so I start being efficient and making $$$!!!

    Thanks for your help and patience.


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