What’s the right primer to use if working in an attached garage?

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    It’s been a while since my last restoration project- we used nothing but lacquer primers back then. Now I’m reading about urethanes, epoxies, self-etching, and polyester primers, and I’m more than a little confused. To make matters worse, the MSDS sheets for all of these products seem to show that I need to wear a fresh-air system to work with any of them, which makes me wonder how safe it is to be spraying them in an attached garage.

    I’m not planning on priming the whole car at once- I’ll be doing small sections as I go- basically just covering whatever work I get done that day. So, what’s the “right” primer for this situation? Should I go with low-VOC products to reduce the smell? I’m not too concerned about myself- I’ll wear proper protective equipment while spraying- I’m more concerned about the residual smell that may permeate the house.

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