Whats the learning curve on powdercoating like?

Posted: October 16, 2006 By: mingodrake

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    hey everyone. Newbie post here of course. I have and old harley and a 67 chevy stepside I am trying to finish and found this site a while back surfing for chrome plating info. Seems for the price of the chrome work I wanted I could have a pretty ok powder coating setup and just powdercoat the **** things myself. I probably would not go with a chrome finish but some blacks or green. Anyway I’m from a small town in bama with a pretty heavy biker/hotrod/racer population and nobody here powder coats. In talking about my idea it came up that a fella could make a buck with this here powdercoating stuff. how long did it take some of yall to learn?How long did it take some of you guys to get sellable results? From first buying a set up to deciding to run a business.?seems like a fun hobby and a little cash on the side a while down the road would be cool.Has anyone here gone from a powdercoating hobby to a side business? Any money in this stuff? I would like to here some startup stories.
    I also noticed that this forum seems to have people willing to share information and some nice folks. I hope to soon join you in what seems a fun hobby.
    nice to meet you all,

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