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    i’m restoring a 73 nova.the front end and subframe were sand blasted a year ago .i put picklex 20 on it surface rust has started to come back again i know i should have primed it up but was done in oct but not sure if i should sand the surface and put on rust encapsulator then epoxy prime it.i thought about using kustom shop brand and have talked with a few guys on youtube that like it.eastwood,s is made by kirker i’m told .i’ve been told by a pro to use only ppg,dupont,etc.it’s not a high end car but like to make it as nice as i can within a budget will be blocking it.i’m looking to have the frame and body the same color .i’m thinking of painting iit red or tangerine.picklex says it will last for years if it’s inside but mine hasn’t been near water maybe high humidity.why is there rust coming back.

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