What to bring to pinsriping class April 20,2006

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    I have never even held a pin stripping brush but I love the art. I would like to learn more so I can enjoy the work more when I see it. Perhaps if I practice enough I can stripe my own toys 🙂

    What should we bring to class? A scroll brush? A long liner?

    Your practice set includes a #3 Kafka Striping Brush (37202). Whould you also then mean a Kafka #1 Longliner Brush (11833), a #0 or a #00? Do the numbers match sizes for the different brushes?

    What about paint? I would assume OneShot but does color make a diference.
    Your video talks about brush oil, smoothie, filters, reducer, hardener?

    Will you be discusing other brushes and there uses? Like a dagger or sword. The difference between the green Mac and the blue Mac?

    I am so confused but looking forward to learning.

    Thank You.

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