What tip to use for Extreme Chassis paint

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    Hi, I have your Concours paint gun, this will be my first time using it… I have the 1.2, 1.4, & 1.8 tip.

    I wired wheeled, and blasted my engine bay on my 90 Mustang, any rust spots I blasted to bare, most was just blasting the factory paint, mostly roughing it up…(most not down to bare) Anyway, I sprayed the whole thing (by can) with your rust encapsulator black.

    I have in the quart cans, the extreme chassis black primer and extreme chassis satin paint that I want to spray with the concours gun..

    First, what tip do I need to use out of the 3 I listed for the primer, and what one for the paint? I’m thinking the 1.4 for both?

    second, after I spray the primer, how long do I need to wait to spray the chassis paint? and how long to spray 2nd coat of chassis paint?

    and also, I bought the digital regulator you sell, what psi do I want to set it for? I also have a regulator after my air dryer… what should I set this for first? My air compressor is a 7 HP 240 volt 60gal tank 11.8 SCFM @40psi / 10.3 SCFM @90 psi .

    I have the small digital regulator at the base of the gun, I thought maybe I read before that should be 10psi? if I set that at 10 psi I got barely any air coming out of gun… if I hold the gun open and then turn it to 10psi it sounds like it’s spraying good, when I let of the gun it will read like 30-36 psi, and that’s with the main regulator from compressor set @ 40psi.

    Ok, now I think is see in the concours description 4cfm @ 29psi, so I should have this set for 29psi? now do I set that on the digital regulator while holding the trigger on the paint gun, or not pulling the trigger? and should I have the main regulator on coming out of the compressor up higher than 40psi?

    thanks… Ken

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