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    Hello. After two unanswered emails and a VM still not replied to from Thursday I decided to use this forum to hopefully get some answers. I’ll explain my projects below. Any advice would be appreciated. This will be my first rust battle and I’m working on an all original 1967 Coronet 500.

    Under the car – bottom of trunk pan as well as the fuel tank. Surface rust. Plan on using wire brush than pre paint prep to clean. Silver encapsulator on both surfaces after that or something else? Then I’m assuming tank tone on the tank, but not sure what to top coat trunk bottom with. Is a primer needed over the encapsulator before the top coat?

    Under the hood – Replacing battery tray and braces with shiny new pieces that are now black. Need to paint them the cream color of the car. I’m assuming just self etching primer then my paint. Also a lot of surface rust especially on the battery side. Using wire brush again and pre paint prep. After that am I looking at black encapsulator, then painting my cream car color? Again not sure if black encapsulator or a rust converter is what I need here, and also not sure if I can paint directly over the encapsulator or if I need a primer before paint.

    I’m ready to buy some products if I can get some answers!

    Thank you.

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