What products to remove and stop rust?

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    I’m going to replace the roof (skin and frame) of my 1980 Firebird. The replacement roof has a decent amount of surface rust on the underside. My plan is to create a bath to dip the entire roof in Rust Dissolver to remove all rust. I’m not sure that all of the rust will be thoroughly removed, so I want to follow it up with something to fix any left over rust. My initial thought was to use Rust Converter, so it could convert any rust left behind by the Dissolver. But after reading a bunch of posts, it sounds like the best choice would be to use Rust Encapsulator to finish the job, because there probably won’t be enough rust for the Converter to work properly.

    So, does this sound like the correct process:

    -Use Rust Dissolver to chemically strip as much rust as possible
    -Rust Encapsulator to encapsulate anything left behind

    Also, I was planning to make a ‘bath’ using a plastic tarp. My understanding is that this will be safe for the chemical. Is that correct?

    Thank you!

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