What powder paint is suit for using of "fluid bed"?

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    Hi everybody,
    I am new on that site.
    I am intending to paint small parts like fishing lures, jig heads, bolt heads… etc.
    For that kind of work is recommended using process including preheating of the part to 350 degree, submerging preheated part to powder paint and curing by heat about 300-400 degree. Paint has to be “fluodorized” by air going from the bottom of container through porous membrane to make powder paint “boiling”. It should provide thinner high quality coating.
    Coating has to be strong enough for withstanding colliding jig heads or lures with rocks.
    Heads of the bolts also have to be “patient” to applying of the tools.
    My question is: what kind of powder paint is suiting better for that process?
    May be there are another kinds of strong and flexible paints and another processes?
    Thank you

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