What Paints are Compatible? (First time car painter)

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    This is my first attempt at car painting. I had the body of my 59 Plymouth completely media blasted and then sprayed on After Blast which has left a nice grey finish. Should I remove the grey with a ScotchBrite pad or just paint over it? I have finished welding up the rust spots and now want to paint the complete inside and bottom of the body and inside of fenders. I have purchased black Rust Encapsulator, Extreme Chasis Black, and Epoxy Primer. I was thinking of putting rust encapsulator down the tight spaces like door bottoms and then sealing all seams with 3M automix seam sealer. Should I use epoxy primer on the flat open areas like the inside roof and floor, or can I put rust ecapsulator on everything? Would the epoxy primer stick to areas where the rust encapsulator is? Will the Extreme Chasis Black be a good top coat over both the epoxy primer and the rust encapsulator? I plan on using only the epoxy primer on the external body where the color paint will go.
    Thanks for your help!!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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