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    two coats of mirror black went south with orange peel and a thin spot.so after all this i decided i dint like the profile that was left and sanded out the profile and then hit it with clear.
    all clean after sanding and preheat ,preheat at 300 because of this being a thin part and cools of quick.coated it and cook it out at 425 for 10 and then 400 for additional 20.
    manufacturer cant tell me solidly what went wrong.ive seen it whith other powdercoat jobs that ive done that only ended up haveing one coat.
    even with a single coat i get what i can only say is extreme orange peeling ,right down to the little poors in the orange skin.
    pics are too big and im to stupid to learn how to resize

    the only thing i can do now is wet sand and then polish it out.but i cant figure what i did wrong to start with

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