What is correct size of bushings for 66 Ford Falcon Sport Coupe ?

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    66 Tweety

    I ordered new rear leaf springs for 66 Falcon and ordered bushings from a different company.When I got the shackle kits the solid rubber bushings slide into rear spring with just a fraction of space. I was specific that the diamenter had to be 1 1/2 inches ( inside of spring) they said this was the replacement size for year model 2 door coupe. Aren’t these suppose to be pressed into spring or do bushings swell. This car had been Lowered by previous owner and differrent rearend is from a 68 Ranchero to accomendated for bigger motor (org. V-6 to V-8 302). This car had really stupid things done to it & I am trying to correct some, of a little at a time. The rearend perches were also cut off & rewelded out of alignment. Can anyone help on these subject or know of a website with Info?:confused:

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