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    I’m only a week into PC, but so far (just jinxed myself) everything I’ve shot has come out awesome. Except now, my Son wanted the front brake lever on his Kawi shot EW lime green. The lever was bare aluminum? Stock lever. So I scuffed it up, outgassed it for a while because lots of greasy and oily hands have grabbed it. Metal washed it, and shot it. Did the cure and it came out olive drab. The only thing I could think of is the last color I shot was black, But I blew the crap out the gun, cup and everything with the compressor. Is there a better way to clean the gun (EW hobby gun) or is there another possibility for this to happen? I want to shoot white next, but I’m scared of the results. Sorry for the bad pic. I was trying to show the heat shield on the quad also, which came out fine.

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