What gun can i buy that is GREAT for multiple coats

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    Hey everyone, i have been visiting this site for years and keep coming back for the great information. My question is there a gun i can buy that will allow shooting of multiple coats of powder? I have the ew dual votage gun and works great on a single coat, but good luck trying to get a 2nd coat(to stick) without shooting it HOT. I have been trying all week to get this gun to lay down a good 2nd or 3rd coat. I have tried using low voltage, no ground, grounding the box to my ground rod, clean bare metal ground location. Everyone is saying to shoot hot, but that is a talent(easier said than done), that is almost impossible to do, and still having trouble coating edges and stuff with it hot, not mention everytime you shoot hot and mess up, you are starting all over again at the first coat. I really hate harbour freight, but have had better luck using there gun to **** multiple coats on my parts. I am not dogging Eastwood, they are a great company, but they advertised this gun doing multiple coats, and after searching forums have found that it is not multiple coat friendy at all… So who is making a gun that i can use to shoot multiple coats cold? I shoot a lot of candys/transparents over silver base, and prefer to clearcoat everything. Im sure many of you know how much of a pita it is to try and get multiple coats on something when it is hot or cold, there is no room for error(just lots of stripping and trying to re-do, ans wasting powder). Let me know what you guys think, untill then i am going to keep playing around with my ew dual voltage gun. I realize this is a hobby gun, but will pro guns give me same troubles with shooting multiple coats cold?

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