What does smoking powder indicate?

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    I’m coating some mammoth wheels in a urethane, and urethanes tend to smoke when they bake, right? I was under the impression that if it’s still smoking, it’s not fully cured… These rims are very heavy, so I monitored the temp very carefully. manufacturer cure schedule was 400/10. once the heaviest parts of the wheel broke 400, I set the time for 15min, so it should have been slightly overcured. BUT, when i opened the door after the bake cycle, the powder was still smoking.

    so what’s that mean? that it’s under-cured, or that it doesn’t stop smoking till it’s well over-cured?

    also, does the MEK test work with ally types of powder? polyesters only? how do i perform the test? just put MEK on a rag and give it a couple wipes?

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