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Posted: April 10, 2012 By: Deerhuntrbow@aol.com

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    I set my new Mig 135 up with .035 fluxcore wire as soon as I got it & it welds really good. I then got a bottle of CO2 (straight CO2) & tried out the .023. This works really well on thin material. But just asking instead of buying more wire , how does the .030 solid wire weld? I have heard that you can burn hotter with .035 than .030 in fluxcore because it carries more amps but does this carry over to solid wire too? Meaning that I can squeeze at little more power for thicker material with the larger wire? I am real happy with what I have but just wanted some opinions w/o buying more wire. I’m sure that each size & type has it’s nitch. I have welded for a VERY long time & am real happy with this 110 volt rig. Having been certified by the Nuclear Regulatory Commision for mig welding Carbon, Stainless & Copper/Nickle . I am sure with the correct preparation that I could weld ANY thickness material that I need to with this little machine. (within it’s duty limitations) Very good machine Eastwood.

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