What An I Missing????? Besides Experience!!!!!!

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    hi all,
    this is my first visit to this forum as well as my first cry for help from all of the wisdom that this forum has to offer. i am 6 months into learning the trade. my question is what is the most desirable product to use for a conversion coating???? what i have been doing is blasting all my parts, cleaning with a brake clean and coating. i have tried 2 products for a conversion coating. had bad luck with both. i tried spraying,wiping, and brushing them on and let set to dry. ended up with a gooey mess or nasty lint balls created by the blasted surface. i also tried spraying them on and then rinsing, ended up with flash rust from both products. i was told that the flash rust is caused by the surface created from the blasting. i really want to add the conversion coat step to my operation but cant figure out what to use, or how to do it. any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
    thank you
    skid rowe custom powder coating
    well not quite so custom yet

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