What am I doing Wrong?

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    Hello Eastwood,

    I just got my MIG135 in and decided to practice welding. Currently I’m using Flux Core .030 wire. I will be restoring my 73Z28 and I purchased the welder to get things going. I never welded before. I’ve been watching allot of YouTube Vids on how to weld and received allot of useful information. The reason why I’m using Flux Core is that I don’t have an enclosed garage, I have a car port. And from what I understood is that Flux Core is good for outdoors. Can you look at my pics and tell me what I’m doing wrong? [ATTACH]5164[/ATTACH][ATTACH]5165[/ATTACH][ATTACH]5166[/ATTACH]

    I’m getting a little frustrated but I can’t give up. Please help!!

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