What a mess I have now.

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    I painted my BBC 454 block and heads with Eastwood’s Chevy Orange #51618ZP, I have used the paint before and been very pleased with it. This time I felt the color was just a little to red so after waiting three days I sprayed it with Dupli-Color Chevrolet Orange #DE1620.

    I now have a wrinkle finish on about 50% of the surface area. Looks like I’ll be sanding and wire brushing for a while. 🙁

    Are the two paints incompatible or did I need more drying time?

    I was hoping to use the Eastwood as a base and top coat with Dupli-color. My shop stays at 72 degrees and the humidity is very low so I think drying conditions where excellent.
    Thanks in advance; I’m still a big Eastwood fan.

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