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    So I went to a chain auto parts store to get oil to change the oil in my truck this weekend. I checked the web site and they had mobil 1 for 19.88 in the large jug which is what I use. Normally I but my mobil 1 from wal-mart, but thier price was 22.98 so I figured I’d save a few bucks and stop at the auto parts store instead. I get there the price is 23.98 not 19.88 and they wont honor the web site price, which asked for my zip and gave me directions to that store before giving me the price. OK so it costs a buck more, I’m here let’s get it and go, I’m burnin’ daylight. My fault I did not look close enough. I get home drain the old add the new and it does not come up on the dip stick. It was a 4 qrt instead of my usual 5 qrt jug. So I paid a dollar more for the 4 qrt and had to make an extra trip to buy another qrt setting me back another $6. Sorry fellas but this just ticks me off and gives me even more desire to stay away from these type of stores even more. Moral of the rant is I will continue to buy my mobil 1 from wally world and get the 5 qrts my motor needs and keep away from the chain auto store when ever possible. I just want everyone else to know there are 4 qrt and 5 qrt containers so be sure to get the correct ones.

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