Welding big flat sheets together

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    Ok no need to call me stupid for doing this because I already know. When I was young and stupid I cut the top off my 69 mustang trying to make a T-Top out of it. Like I said I know. Well now that I have came to my senses over a decade later, I am trying to weld it back on.
    It is the original piece I cut out and it fits perfectly. The front (near the widshield) is welded on basically perfect. The problem I am having is the middle section. There is about an 1/8th in gap and when I weld it, the metal bowes downward. If I try and planish it flat, the metal just wrinkles outward. Being that it is on a weld, the shrinking hammer doesn’t work. So what do I do? I have tried rewelding it a dozen times and the only thing I have found that somewhat works is heating up the metal so it expands and then mig welding it, but it still warps down. It is about 1/4 in down from flat and about 1.5 in wide.
    Will using lead filler work? I am just out of ideas.
    Like I said, I know it was a dumb idea, but I am not going to give up.

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