Weldable Seam Sealer?

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    I am preparing to weld in a replacement lower windshield patch panel on a late model Corvair. The panel sits a little on top of the dash(about an inch) and above a small L shaped piece of the cowl. The L shaped piece has a turned up lip were a sealer of some kind was used by the factory to keep water from collecting between the underside of the lower windshield panel, top of the dash and itself. I assume this sealer went on as the lower windshield panel as being spot welded in place.

    So, I plan to plug weld the new patch panel to one surface of the L shaped piece and the top of the dash. The plug welds will be within 1 inch of the sealer lip. What kind of seam sealer do I use? All the sealers I have looked at so far burn fairly well.

    Oh…I attached a jpg with a poorly draw cross-section of the panels.


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