Waterborne Clearcoat over non-chemical resitant paint

Posted: March 22, 2013 By: MutualBill

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    Here is my problem. I decided I wanted to do a military motif on my Mustang…project Strike Fighter.

    I wanted to go low buck…and I want a very flat desert Khaki. I saw that a lot of people were getting great results using Krylon Fusion camoflage paint…so I bought a dozen cans and got started. Military means I did not need perfection anyway…so I thought this was the ticket.

    I did just the wing. The first coat went on beautifully…no tiger stripes. The problem came when I went to apply the second coat. I went to wipe down the part with a degreaser (duplicolor aresol) and discovered that the paint washed off. It is not solvent resistant.

    I decided to try and put a protection layer of chemical reistant satin clear over it…but the solvent in the clear coat caused the paint to pucker in a few places.

    Would a water bourne clearcoat solve this problem (which means I will have to invest in a spraying system) or am I stuck starting all over in finding a new chemical resistant paint and process?

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