Warning to all using a propane heater and valve for the oven

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    Tonight I was preheating up my oven to get rid of any condensation in it as it has been a problem latley. I had the pid set on 200 and it was working as it has since I made it. I have gotten used to the sound of it clicking on and off and this time I herd something diferent. When I turned around to look at it I saw a lot of smoke comming from the heater so I imidiatley turned off the propane bottle and the pid to see what happend. Pics below of the damage. I looked at all aoring and it all looks just fine nothing burnt. The problem I believe is the selenoid valve. either the seal or something is causing it not to close all the way. When the pid tells it to shut off the fan stops blowing and you can hear the valve also “click to close” but some propane is leaking into the fuel jet as a small fire still burns. One good thing is it wouldnt just leak propane untill something ignited it but obviously it could and very well may have caused a fire had I not been in the garage. I usualy dont step out for more then a few minuits but It happnes. Becareful of what you are using for the valve. I am using the same valve as big boy302 who first gave most the idea of using that type of setup and it has been working well for atleast 6 to 7 months great.
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