Wanting to check if I have the body work sequence correct

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    I have been watching the Eastwood videos and think that I have figured out what I need to do but would like to get confirmation. I am restoring a 58 Willys wagon and am able to only work on it in stages mostly on weekends. If I understand correctly once I have an area down to bare metal I should spray it with an epoxy primer. If I do any body work on this area such as lay down short strand fiberglass, Contour premium filler, glazing putty or the polyester primer surface than I have 5 days from the time I put the epoxy on. If I work on it after that time I need to scruff up the epoxy primer with some sandpaper. Once I have the body work in the area complete I can put on a coat of the Contour polyester primer and that will be good until I get ready to paint the car. Does this sound correct? If so, I am assuming I will have to go back and lightly sand all of the primer before putting on the top coat. I am doing the project outside with a cover on the vehicle. Will this effect the way the primer holds up? Attached is a pic of the first body panel that I have welded in.


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