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    I am looking for some input from you guy’s about the powder spray booth that I am thinking of building and the area I plan on using for PCing.

    My plan is to build the spray booth out of 3/8” plywood and 2X4’s. The overall size will be 4’WX4’DX7’T. The actual spray area will be 4’WX3’DX4’T. There will be a storage area of 4’WX4’DX3’T below the spray area. I plan on cutting a 20”X20” hole in the back wall and place two 3M dust and particle furnace filters on the backside and then use a box window fan to draw the overspray to the filters. If needed I can then box in the fan and filters and use flexible duct work to vent it out of a window that is very close. The top will have one or two lights mounted to it to have sufficient light to see with. A copper pipe will run from side-to-side to hang parts from and it will be grounded as well. The whole both will be painted a gloss white to brighten up the area to see better with. The reason the overall height is 7’ and not 8’ is because of the ceiling height in the area I plan on doing all of the PC work in.

    The second thing that I would like some input on is the work area that I am planning to use for the PC work. My shop at home is 30’WX40’LX14’T and in one corner I plan on building a loft for storage that will give me an area below the loft of 11’WX16”LX7’4”T to use as the PC area. This area will have the spray booth, compressor, two house ovens, parts washer, storage area and eventually a blaster of some kind as well as anything else that I need. My question is do you think this is enough space to get started PCing and to turn it into a part time business? Any comments on the spray booth and shop area would be more than appreciated. Thanks.


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