Walnut w/ Abras Blaster

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    I have a 50lb Eastwood Blaster with the Soda Conversion kit. I am in the proces of clearing a 2600sqft tin ceiling and restoring 15 or so cast iron heaters. The soda works fairly well on the surface paints, but when it gets to the lower paint layers, it seems to be less effective. We have purchased walnut shells and converted the blaster back to a abrasive blaster. Lowerd the PSI to 80 and gave it a try. Each time all we did was jam the feeder hose. Even when we got some flow through the feeder hose, the nozzle would jam as well. On one occasion, the hose was pack for nearly its entire length.


    We have switched back to soda for now so we can keep moving forward, but really want to get walnut shells working.

    Thanks in advance.

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