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    I have a 77 Lincoln, 460 and c6 Auto, built at height of smog technology. My goalis to boost torque in the 100 to 4500 rpm range without joining the money than brains club.

    I know the cam in this motor was retarded and by using a timing gear set from a 70-72 engine, or an aftermarket set with muliple keyways will allow me to advance the cam and bring back some torque. Does anyone have experience with how far to advance cam timing,

    I have considered replacing cam with an RV unit to get more bottom end, but as exhaust is still choked through stock manifolds, I doubt this is a worthwhile effort.

    EVERYTHING on this car is vacuum powered so I need to tread carefully for that.

    For a carb I want to ditch the original Ford unit with a spreadbore 650 cfm Carter. As the majority of the time is spent in low rpm’s I don’t see the need for a larger unit. Any comments to that.

    For the intake manifold I was going to stay stock or go to an Edelbrock Performer, but as I have yet to locate a set of headers to fit this application I am wondering if I will see enough performance to justify the cost.

    High flow cats and three chamber mufflers will hanlde exhaust chores, with flamethrowers just for effect.

    Other changes are electric fan to gain back some parasitic power, and potentially roller tip steel rockers or full rollers.

    The thought of match porting and plosihing ports and chambers, with 30 thou off the heads to brng back some compression.The c6 shifts like a slug and I am going to install a BM Shift kit to see whayt improvement I get from that, then go to a different torque converter as the next options. Gooed fluid heater is first on the list to dump some heat.

    Given I have other things done for the summer I need to balance off the depth of my pockets with the net results I can achieve.

    Any comments or suggestions anyone may have would be greatly appreciated.

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