VW Passat Wagon TDI 1997 w/380,000 km

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    Hi there, here are the pictures of my one-week-only-to-do-it body work on my so practical, fun to drive and fuel efficient VW Passat 1997. Its my daily driver, one of my 6 VW I own (1981 Scirocco, 1978 Rabbit, 1992 ice racing Jetta, 1992 time attack & autocross GTI 16V and temporary daily driver, Jetta 1998 TDI.

    It was a bit rusted but nothing to worry about, several unthreated paint peeling that needed some blasting and a few body sealer joints to be redone. I had the hood replaced with a nicer one and the two front doors.

    Here it is with all parts removed, ready to be pushed in me temporary paint shed.



    The temporary paint shed with my 78 Rabbit

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