VW Camper Respray

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    Hi There,

    I’ve just bought a 1971 camper van and need to get it resprayed. I can’t afford to have it all done proffessionally so was going to try and prep it my self. What do I need to do? Things I need to look at are:

    1) There are a number of patches of rust on it, can i just sand that down to the bare metal or do I have to replace the whole panel?
    2) How soon do I need to prime it after I’ve sanded or do I need to prime it at all?
    3) what sould I do about the fibre glass roof panel?
    4) Should I replace the window seals etc before or after the paint job?

    I’d really apprieciate any help you good give.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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