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    I just got started with powder coating as a business about six months ago. Wanted to ask a few questions of you guys with alot of experience. As far as equipment is concerned I have acquired an air screw compressor (plant closing! gotta love’em), a 2-man blaster, and an oven with an interior aprox. 4 1/2 feet W by 3 feet tall. So far it has been adequate for some fairly large pieces. I know that I need a walk in oven, will build one as time and money permit. I really think i need an air drier (way too much clumping at the tip and have noticed powders not flowing well, getting alot of large chunks coming out of the gun) I live in a very humid area (South Houston) Any vital equipment that you guys use that I’m missing?

    Second, I feel like my metal prep is not up to par either, using EW pre-prep and compressed air after blasting. Any chems or other techniques you guys would like to share? What are your essential cleaning chems that I should have?

    At what point during the flow out do you pull the masking off when doing dual colors? (getting a ridge when I pull the tape off)

    When stenciling, what do you use for stencil material?

    Thanks in advance guys, just trying to put out the best quality product I can while developing my skills and knowledge.

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