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    Since becoming a member of this board and buying my PC kit I have never liked virtual chrome. I always used it on aluminum pipe and it always turned silver, a feature I call “Silvering Out”. I always assumed this was just a marketing gimmick to sell more silver. I see the pictures others post and I think, man, I am doing something wrong. Well, I was. I hope this helps others as it has helped me.

    I think the metal matters. Not the type but the thickness. I shot a valve cover yesterday at room temperature after outgassing it and letting it cool. I prepped it the same as I do all my parts as it was brand new. It was cast aluminum. For some reason my gun was freaking out and the powder came out very fast and very thick. It coated every crack and crevice really well. I had a nice thick coat. I baked it at 385 for 33 minutes. From the time I put it in the preheated oven to the end of cure. When it came out it looked like a brushed chrome. Very bright. I can only call it Ice Silver which I think is what it ought to be called anyway. I was so used to it not coming out right I didn’t even think twice that it was actually doing what they say it should and it looked good. I figured once I went blue over the VC as soon as it came out of the oven it would “silver out” on me but it didn’t. My blue looks like a blue chrome. Very shiny and reflective. I didn’t even think to get a picture of it. I have another one to do this weekend that I will try to duplicate and get a picture of it. I just thought it was kind of funny that thinner metals get worse results from VC.

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