Vinyl graphic, letters for sign & logo work

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    Well I am almost ready to go online with the addition of doing vinyl sign & logo work. Many of you know I have been looking to add the vinyl graphic work to my Powder Coating business .
    I had planned to convert an old HP plotter into a vinyl cutter. After some heavy homework & study, I decided it was smarter to just dump the conversion plan.
    Instead I went out & purchased a new 32″ wide vinyl cutter, Flexi sign software, ton’s of different vinyl color rolls. I should have it all in next week & up & running the week after Thanksgiving. It looks to be a good fit for my powder coating shop. I already have work lined up! I will be able to do vinyl graphics 30″ wide & as long as 30 yards.
    Now I just have to try to balance my time between vinyl & powder coating work. Then add vinyl work to my website.
    Should be fun.

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