Vinal Window Polishing Kit – NOT

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    I just bought a vinal window polishing kit. It came with a 3 inch buffing pad.
    Item# Product Qty Price
    40000 Vinyl Window Polishing Kit
    Was: $27.99
    Now: $25.19

    The writeup in the on line catalog says

    This unique liquid polish really removes haziness, halos, discoloration from UV damage and hairline scratches from plastic rear windows on convertibles. Contains no fillers or cover-ups that cause yellowing. The 8 oz. bottle of concentrated formula contains sufficient polish to do several jobs. Use with a natural wool buffing pad on your drill, polisher or power buffer at 2,400 to 3,500 rpm.

    I’m going to drive 1000 miles to a car show next month and I thought this kit would take out the scratches. These were so fine you could not feel them with a fingernail.

    I followed the instructions and used the little buffing pad that came with the kit. The velcrow on the buffing pad was not enough to hold on the pad. When the pad came loose the velcro just scratched the hell out of the window. Right now I’m thinking this is one of the worst products I’ve ever bought from anyone.

    Bill Clark

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