Very disapointed with the Extreme Chassis balck paint!!!!!

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    I’ve bought 2 kits of the extreme chassis black paint, as well as the qt kit for spraying…..

    I blasted my k-member in my 90 mustang, and the engine compartment.. I sprayed everything first with the rust encapaulator, then used the extreme chassis primer then the extreme chassis stain black paint..

    The k-member I did with the rattle cans, and has been done for over a month, the engine compartment I did with rust encapaulator in the spray can, but sprayed the extreme chassis primer and paint with the concurs gun.

    I put the k-member back in the car a couple weeks ago, and this weekend I installed new brake lines, when I was removing the old lines a few drops of brake fluid landed on my k-member, I immediately grabbed some water to wash it away.. but before I could even put the water on, it left streaks where it took the paint off (we are talking 15 sec max), I rainsed it anyway… looks like it removed the Extreme chassis stain paint, looks like the primer (hope it was still the primer and not down to the rust encapaulator) was still there… since it was still black…

    but yet in the description for this product

    mproved resistance against corrosion, chips and scratches
    Resists brake fluid, fuel and solvents
    Matches OEM finish

    well there was sure no resist to brake fluid!!!!! and it scratches very easy as well… and it will start wiping off with brake cleaner as well!!!! I have bought a lot of this stuff for my project, and I”m about to put the motor back in, but now I’m afraid after a little time the paint is going to peel/flake off, ect… and feel I have wasted a bunch of money and time!!!!

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