Versa Cut won’t arc.

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    So I got a Versacut as part of the TIG package a few weeks ago. Been using the hell out of the tig, and used the plasma a little. So far I cut some 12awg sheet no problem. Last night I plugged the machine in to cut some 1/4″ plate. I made one cut about 4″ long, stopped, and went to make my second cut, and nothing. I checked to make sure the machine wasn’t in over-current, and that the air pressures were correct, but still cannot get the pilot arc to ignite. I have a water separator at my compressor, one at the back of the machine, and then the one built into it as well, also I live in Denver, so air moisture isn’t an issue either. I thought, maybe by some odd chance there may have been moisture that still got in and might have tripped a sensor, so I ran a bunch of air through each of the drains, and checked my main drain on the compressor tank, and not a drop anywhere. Unplugged and re-plugged it a couple times, and still nothing. Tried it all one more time this morning, and still nothing. I also replaced the electrode and tip back and forth every time I would try something different. It won’t even arc directly to the ground clamp. Anyone have any other ideas? Can I pull the hood off of it and check for loose connections on the inside without voiding my warranty? I am really trying to avoid having to send it back and deal with shipping. The only other thing I have bought from Eastwood before was some powder for a powdercoater, and both times they shipped it to me it was un-usable because it wasn’t sealed and was a solid chunk by the time it got to me. I was so frustrated I never bothered getting my money back. But I still heard good things about the company, so when I saw this deal on 2 items I really needed, I decided to go ahead and give them a try since people were raving about the quality for the price. The TIG is great, even though I had to fix the shut off switch on the pedal out of the box, and tighten the torch attachment on the panel (yes I did pull the hood for this, again, hope I didn’t void my warranty). I understand there is always a “off the line” failure rate for anything electronic and I may have just gotten the 1 in 100 that had issues, and with the TIG that there may be adjustments needed when trying to get the first run of something to market. I am not intending this to be a gripe sheet, I am just really hoping someone can help set this straight, and I don’t wind up regretting purchasing such major items from a company I hadn’t used a lot before. Any help or advice on what to do next would be greatly appreciated.

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